Royal Navy and royal marines Rifle association

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Rifle Association (RNRMRA) is the umbrella organisation for all competitive shooting within the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and their Reserves.

The RNRMRA represents both military combat shooting and non service weapon shooting disciplines.  

There are 4 Regular Forces service shooting associations (Royal Marines; Naval Air Command; Portsmouth and Plymouth & Scotland)  and the Maritime Reserve Rifle Association.

The Maritime Reserve compete using the 5.56mm L1A2 service rifle and the Regular forces compete using the 5.56mm L1A2 service rifle and the 9mm Browning semi-automatic pistol now being replaced by the Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol.

The non service weapon associations comprise the Royal Navy Clay Target Association; Royal Navy Target Rifle Association; Royal Marines Target Rifle Association and the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Small Bore Rifle Association.  Each of these associations compete in a programme of Inter-Service fixtures.