Royal Navy and royal marines Rifle association

HM The Queen’s Medal for Champion Shots of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines

Navy Board Regulations (Extract):

HM The Queen's Medal for Champion Shots of the Royal Navy and Royal MarinesThe Medal shall be competed for by all serving officers and ratings in the Royal Navy and serving officers, non commissioned officers and men of the Royal Marines.

It shall be awarded to the winner of a competition organised under conditions prescribed by the Admiralty Board of the Defence Council.

A register of those to whom the Medal or Clasp has been awarded shall be maintained by Her Majesty's Minister of Defence for the Royal Navy.

The Royal Warrant (Extracts):

"Whereas, we are desirest of encouraging skill in small arms shooting in the Royal navy and Royal Marines; We do by these present for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, institute and create a medal to replace the Naval Good Shooting Medal which was instituted in 1903 and we do hereby direct that is shall be governed by the following rules and ordinances:

Style - The medal shall be designated and styled "The Queen's Medal for Champions Shots of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines".

Description - The award shall be in Silver in the form of a circular medal bearing on the obverse the crowned effigy of the sovereign and on the reverse a representation of Neptune, grasping thunderbolts in each hand, and in the background a prow of a Roman trireme drawn by three seahorses; the whole surrounded by the inscription "Amat Victoria Curium".

Ribbon - The Medal shall be worn on the left breast suspended from a ribbon, one inch and a quarter in width of dark blue, a broad central stripe or thread being superimposed, together with narrow white stripe on either side of the central red stripe.

Eligibility - One Medal or Clasp only shall be granted annually in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, under Regulations approved by Us.

Given at Our Court at St James this year one thousand nine hundred and sixty six, in the fifteenth year of our reign."

By Her Majesty's Command